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Never Shady, Always Cool

Samuel J. Diamond
Samuel J. DiamondPartner
David C. LeSueur
David C. LeSueurPartner
Adam J. Diamond
Adam J. DiamondAssociate
Drake Shunneson
Drake ShunnesonAssociate
Jean Butler
Jean ButlerAssociate





At Diamond & LeSueur, we are striving to change the way people view their legal professionals….one satisfied client at a time. So, don’t let our “shady photo” fool you, while our attorneys do like to have some fun on occasion, at Diamond & LeSueur, we understand the importance of choosing the best attorney to represent you.

Our attorneys live locally and are active in both McHenry and Lake Counties. As a team of intelligent, interesting, and talented attorneys, they understand the challenges you face and are always focused on the ultimate goal: helping you and providing relief from the stress of your legal issues.

We know that one lawyer can’t be all things to all people and that is why we have five McHenry attorneys ready to work for you. Our team approach has led to many successes, in and out of the courtroom, for our clients.

Sam Diamond and Adam Diamond have a large real estate practice, closing hundreds of real estate transactions each year, from the modest starter-home purchase to multi-million dollar commercial deals. They are known for their excellent sense of humor and have been known to “bring the house down” at closings with their incredibly corny jokes….and their infectious belly laughs.

If you are looking for a family law lawyer, Sam Diamond and Jean Butler are ready to help. Between the two of them, they have well over 40 years of experience in divorce and family law. Both being horse people, Sam and Jean would be the first to tell you that “there are certain horses for certain courses“. The same is true in family law or divorce, and Sam and Jean are the right “horses,” pardon our French. They are certainly work horses in the truest sense. They are up-to-date on the newest changes in family law in 2016 and 2017, they are well-known in the Northeastern Illinois courtrooms, and they will be there for you as much or as little as you need. They can tell you what happened to “custody” and “alimony.” (Hint: they are now “parenting time” and “maintenance.”) And, if you ask, Sam will tell you of his almost-Olympic riding career, and Jean has her share of horse stories too.

You don’t want an attorney who is a stranger to the courtroom representing you in foreclosure defense.  Since joining the D & L team, Drake Shunneson has appeared in court hundreds of times for our clients who are at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure. It is no secret that after the economic crash in 2008, the number of foreclosure lawsuits skyrocketed. If you need an attorney who will work with you to keep your home, help you minimize your financial liability, or just help you wake up from the foreclosure nightmare you find yourself in, Drake can help you.

David LeSueur feels your pain. Well, he doesn’t feel it literally, but in a legal sense he does. Whether you were hurt on the job or attacked by a dog, whether your injury is small or traumatic, Dave will use his extensive experience in Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury to get you the relief and compensation you deserve. Having practiced law since the 1980s right here in Northern Illinois, Dave is a familiar face in the courtroom and at workers’ comp hearings and he has negotiated many successful settlements for our clients. Dave can also help you plan for the future through estate planning and, when you have lost a loved one, he will guide you through probate or the liquidation of an estate. When he isn’t advocating for his clients, Dave can be found speeding across local lakes on his sailboard or whipping up a culinary masterpiece…that he is sometimes kind enough to share with the D & L team.

One of our more multi-talented attorneys, Adam Diamond, is just at home in bankruptcy court as he is on the musical stage. You may have seen him hamming it up in a local production of Spamalot or the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rest assured, that side of Adam is not seen in bankruptcy court where he zealously litigates for our clients. He understands that life happens and unexpected, and usually unfortunate, events can lead to extreme financial hardship and sometimes the only way out is a bankruptcy. He will help you start again and get you on the right path. You are most likely not looking for a bankruptcy lawyer whose qualifications include being a cat person, new father, tech savvy and musical ability. While Adam is all of those, he is also a caring, experienced attorney who will help you navigate your bankruptcy from start to finish.

If you must hire a lawyer, we promise to do our very best to make the experience not at all like going to the dentist. We want to change how people think of their lawyers and legal team. If you have legal needs, contact one of our attorneys today…. And what the heck, we might even tell you our favorite lawyer joke.

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