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Real Estate Services

Real Estate Attorney in McHenry County

Whether you have basic questions about property law, are selling a property, or you are in need of an experienced real estate attorney for foreclosure defense, we are here to help. We can handle your transactional Residential and Commercial Real Estate needs, including purchases, sales, short sales and leases.  Diamond & LeSueur can also represent you in real estate litigation such as forcible entry and detainer, contract disputes, adverse possession, and homeowners’ association issues.

Need immediate help?

Selling Property?

Let our experienced real estate attorneys guide you through the sales process from the signing of the contract to the closing table.  We will:

  • Review the contract to make sure you understand and agree with the terms;
  • Handle negotiations of terms of the contract;
  • Order a title commitment and provide the appropriate disclosures to all parties;
  • Help you clear up any issues that show on title;
  • If your property is part of an association, we will order the Paid Assessment Letter and 22.1 disclosures;
  • Order a Payoff Letter from your current lender/s;
  • Suggest a good surveyor or arrange for a survey to be done, if necessary;
  • Coordinate a well and/or septic evaluation, if required;
  • Prepare the closing documents including the Deed, Closing Statement, Affidavit of Title, ALTA Statement, Bill of Sale, Revenue Declaration;
  • If you cannot attend the closing, we will prepare a Power of Attorney and we will close on your behalf;
  • Attend the closing.

Purchasing Property?

The Seller has accepted your contract.  Now what?  Once you have an accepted contract, there are contingency dates that must be observed, inspections to be completed, and documents to be reviewed.  We have handled hundreds of “buys” over the years and are skilled at closing the deal while protecting your best interests.  We will:

  • Review the contract and negotiate terms that are beneficial to you;
  • Monitor the dates that are crucial to a successful closing such as the home inspection contingency date and mortgage contingency date;
  • Communicate with the Seller’s attorney and with your lender;
  • Review the title commitment;
  • Make sure you receive the credits you are entitled to;
  • Attend the closing and explain the closing documents to you.

Whether you are selling or buying, we can help with your real estate transaction.  It is our goal to make the experience as stress-free as possible. We will endeavor to explain each step of the process clearly and will answer any and all questions you may have with regard to your sale or purchase.   For most of our clients, a real estate transaction is a milestone and we want to make sure it is done right.

Commercial Real Estate

Our attorneys have handled many commercial real estate transactions, both large and small.  We can assist in complex negotiations, prepare various agreements, order environmental  studies, monitor the due diligence process, guide you through annexations, zoning and land use restrictions,  and negotiate lease terms.  We have experience in planned unit developments, subdivision and property owners’ association matters,  and preparation of easements.  If you need efficient and experienced representation for your commercial real estate transaction, contact the attorneys at Diamond & LeSueur.

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